Announcing Ironforge RPC Gateway 


Announcing Ironforge RPC Gateway

Announcing Ironforge RPC Gateway

When managing RPCs in Solana, it's common practice to select multiple RPC providers and set up a primary-secondary load balancer strategy, along with building observability and other critical capabilities. This setup can provide high availability and global distribution. However, teams often invest substantial resources to accomplish a suboptimal solution that's not part of the core mission.

Introducing the Ironforge RPC Gateway—an ultra-high-performance solution designed to radically simplify RPC management. This product is the result of a collaborative effort with two of the ecosystem's top providers: Helius and Triton One. With a minimalist interface, you can instantly set up endpoints from these providers, or effortlessly integrate your custom RPC solution with just a few clicks.

The RPC Gateway offers the following features out of the box:

  • Intelligent Analytics: Monitor endpoint performance with deep-dive metrics.
  • Diagnostic Logs: Quickly resolve bottlenecks with real-time, granular logs.
  • Auto Failover: Ensure uninterrupted service with dynamic endpoint rotation.
  • Smart Alerts: Customize alerts to notify you only when it's mission-critical.

No unnecessary complexity or filler. The Ironforge RPC Gateway empowers you to master your RPC strategy while minimizing resource drain, redefining blockchain development efficiency.

Learn more about the Ironforge RPC Gateway in the documentation.