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    Export requests

    The export functionality lets you export a request to your codebase. It provides you the code snippets for cURL and TS/JS along with the configuration, such as cluster, API Key, request method, and the query, etc., that you can copy and paste into your codebase.

    This saves you time from writing the code from scratch and ensuring the request is copied correctly to your codebase with a few clicks.


    1. Time-Saving: No need to spend time manually configuring your API requests.
    2. Error Reduction: Minimize syntactical and logical errors by using pre-configured code snippets.
    3. Consistency: Ensures uniformity in API calls across your application.


    When you navigate to a specific API endpoint, you will see the Export button; before clicking the button, make some changes to the request, especially the body. For example, add the following body to /getProgramAccounts.

      "params": [
          "encoding": "jsonParsed"

    Next, click on the Export button, which will open a popup with two options, cURL and Typescript.

    Export Example

    Both the options comes pre-configured with the request parameters, API Key, and cluster information, thus ensuring a smooth and error-free integration into your application. Copy the code and paste it in your code base.