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    Save a request to the library for later use

    The save feature allows you to save any API request for later use.

    A saved request will be added to the Request Library under a collection, which can be later re-used by you or your organization members.

    Create Collection

    A collection is a group of saved requests. You can create one following these steps:

    • Go to Request Library.
    • Click on New Collection.
    • Name it. Describe it. Hit save.

    Request Library Collection

    Saving a Request

    To save an API request to the Request Library:

    • Hit the Save button
    • A popup will appear
    • Name it , describe it and choose which Collection it should live in.

    This will save the API request along with the defined configuration in the collection.

    Save Request

    Now, whenever you want to use it, head to your collection and hit Try it out. You can also Share, Export, or even Delete it from there.

    Save Request

    Update a Request

    To update a saved request within the Request Library:

    • Make the changes
    • Click the Update button
    • That's it!