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    Accounts API

    Discover the Accounts API, providing an abstraction layer for Account Data in the Solana network.

    The Ironforge Accounts API provides an abstraction layer for account data in Solana. By leveraging indexed data for programs, the Accounts API offers advanced API access to users.

    The Accounts API offer low-latency access and support features like caching, pagination and allows for more sophisticated queries.

    Key Features

    • Low-latency access - The Accounts API provides low-latency access to indexed data.

    • Caching - The Accounts API supports caching, which can significantly improve performance.

    • Advanced Queries - The Accounts API supports advanced queries, including memcmp, MQL and SQL.

    Querying Accounts

    MQL (MongoDB Query Language)

    The Accounts API supports MQL queries, which are more expressive and allow for more complex queries. This method enables developers to build sophisticated applications that require more advanced querying capabilities.

    Specifically, the Accounts API supports the following MQL operators:


    The Accounts API supports filtering indexed data using memcmp, a common method for filtering data when using getProgramAccounts. This method provides a familiar approach to developers who have experience with Solana's native filtering methods. To learn more about memcmp, read the following article from the Solana Cookbook.