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    Take control of caching with Ironforge-Cache-Control header.

    Optimize your application's speed and performance with caching. By leveraging the X-Ironforge-Cache-Control request header, you have control over the caching behavior and can enhance the user experience. Our network swiftly delivers cached data to users, minimizing latency and maximizing efficiency.

    Activating the Cache

    To enable caching, include the X-Ironforge-Cache-Control header in your requests. The value of this header will be used to determine the caching behavior. For example, to cache a response for 60 seconds, use the following header:

    X-Ironforge-Cache-Control: max-age=60

    On the platform, you have an option to set the value in the input field in the Cache section, which is available only for requests intending to fetch data.

    Caching Criteria

    For responses to be cached, they must meet the following criteria:

    • The request must include the X-Ironforge-Cache-Control header.
    • The response should have a status code of 200.
    • The content length of the response should not exceed 10MB.

    Ironforge-Cache Header

    When you send the X-Ironforge-Cache-Control header in the request, the response will include the X-Ironforge-Cache header. This header will indicate whether the response was a cache MISS or HIT, providing visibility into the caching status.

    Ironforge-Cache-Control Directives

    To customize caching behavior, utilize the X-Ironforge-Cache-Control header in your requests. Use the following directives, separated by commas:

    • max-age=N: Cache the response for N seconds. The public directive allows the response to be cached by Ironforge.

    More directives will be added in the future as we continue to improve our caching capabilities.