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    Request a limited amount data with Pagination.

    Pagination is a technique used to break up large data sets into smaller, more manageable pieces. This is particularly important for APIs that retrieve large amounts of data, as it can help improve performance and reduce latency.

    Pagination Query Parameters

    To ensure a consistent approach, Ironforge endpoints that support pagination use two query parameters: limit and offset.

    • limit: This parameter specifies the maximum number of records to return in a single response. It can be any integer value, but it's recommended to keep it reasonably low to ensure optimal performance.
    • offset: This parameter specifies the starting point of the returned records in the result set. It can also be any integer value, and it's typically used in combination with the limit parameter to retrieve the desired subset of data.

    Here's an example of how to use these query parameters to retrieve the first ten accounts:


    To retrieve the next set of ten accounts, you can use the following query parameters:


    Using these query parameters, you can easily navigate through large data sets and retrieve the required data systematically and efficiently.

    Best Practices

    It's recommended to keep the limit parameter reasonably low to ensure optimal performance. You can experiment with different values to determine the best balance between the number of results returned and the response time.