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    Getting Started with Ironforge

    Learn how to get started with Ironforge and harness the full power of Solana.

    Ironforge is a comprehensive developer platform designed to simplify the creation of applications on the Solana blockchain. It offers a suite of tools and features that streamline your development process.

    As an abstraction layer and collaboration tool, Ironforge improves application scalability and reliability, lowers the cost of expensive RPC calls, facilitates knowledge sharing, and generally simplifies the process of building and sending requests to the blockchain.

    Key features of Ironforge include:

    • Edge API: Ironforge's Edge API offers a globally distributed solution designed to provide secure and high-performance interactions with the Solana blockchain and Accounts Data. Built upon Ironforge’s extensive global Edge Network infrastructure, our API suite includes the RPC API, Accounts API, and Transaction API
    • On-demand Indexing: This feature allows easy use of indexed account data for any program, and seamless interaction with the indexed data using the Accounts API, removing the requirement for developers to manage Geyser plugins or host database clusters.
    • RPC Orchestration: This feature allows you to customize your RPC setup according to your specific needs. You can set up multiple RPC Endpoints, enhancing your system's reliability. Ironforge also provides smart routing strategies between multiple RPC nodes; users can select Round-Robin or Parallel routing strategies to ensure efficient request distribution depending on their use case.
    • Caching: Boost your application's responsiveness with our advanced caching options. Utilize the headers to customize how data is cached, giving you an upper hand in optimizing user interactions.
    • Playground: The Playground functions like a Postman interface, designed with user-friendliness in mind. Using this playground, you can write and test your requests directly in your web browser, simplifying and accelerating your development process.

    Head over to the Quickstart section to quickly get started with Ironforge.

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