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    Using Accounts API

    Learn how to use Ironfoge Accounts API

    Using Ironforge Accounts API is the fastest and more flexible way to query account data from Solana blockchain. It supports multiple query languages, caching and pagination.

    Adding a program

    After successfully signing up on Ironforge, you’re ready to add a program to your Dashboard. Upon logging in for the first time, you will see the below interface:

    Ironforge Dashboard

    To proceed with adding a program to your dashboard, select ‘+ New Program.’ You will then be directed to a page to enter the program address and select which Solana cluster you wish to use.

    Search for the program, configure its Name and Description for your own future reference, and click ‘Create Program.’

    From the Programs tab, you will be able to access all programs added to your account. Select any program from the list to access the Accounts API Playground UI, where you can query, filter, and aggregate Accounts data at remarkable speeds.


    Caching is supported for most all Accounts API requets. On the platform, you can verify that by expanding the swagger card and looking for Cache section. You can set the value of cache there to determine the cache behaviour For example, to cache a response for 60 seconds, use the following header:

    X-Ironforge-Cache-Control: max-age=60

    Similarly, you can also include the X-Ironforge-Cache-Control header in your requests from codebase. The value of this header will be used to determine the caching behavior.