Announcing Ironforge RPC Gateway 


Monitor endpoint performance with deep-dive metrics.

Analytics form a pivotal aspect of any application, granting you the ability to vigilantly oversee your application's well-being and preemptively detect issues before they escalate. Ironforge equips you with a suite of analytics tools meticulously crafted for monitoring the vitality of your RPC endpoints and the efficiency of your application.

Average Responese time

Gauge the responsiveness of your RPC endpoints.

Average Response Time Screenshot

RPC Methods Usage

Keep track of the utilization of specific RPC methods.

RPC Methods Usage Screenshot

Response Status Codes

Monitor the HTTP status codes for effective response assessment.

Response Status Codes Screenshot

Method Usage and Status Code Total Count

Monitor the total amount of times a specific RPC method was invoked and the total amount of times a specific HTTP status code was returned.

Response Status Codes Screenshot

Requests Geo Distribution

Gain insights into the geographical distribution of requests.

Requests Geo Distribution Screenshot