Changelog: June 14, 2024

Changelog: June 14, 2024

Over the past few months, we have received abundant feedback from our customers. In response, we will be rolling out a series of improvements and new features over the next few weeks that will greatly enhance the Observability and RPC Management experience.

Today marks the first step in this journey, as we have re-architected how you manage your RPC Endpoints.

Next week, we will introduce a new Analytics and Logs experience that is both more flexible and powerful.

Managing RPC Endpoints

Until now, managing RPC Endpoints was done at the project level. This meant that for teams with many projects, duplication of endpoints across projects was inevitable.

With this release, we have transitioned RPC Endpoint management to the Organization level. Now, you can manage your RPC Endpoints at the organization level and assign them to routing strategies at the project level.

This change not only reduces duplication but also sets the stage for a significantly improved observability experience coming soon (next week).

Updating RPC Endpoints URL

In the past you could not update the RPC Endpoint URLs. Now you can do by going into an specific endpoint settings.

Whitelist programs for sendTransactions

Last week, we introduced the ability to whitelist programs used for sendTransaction. This new option can be found in the Security tab of any of your projects.

Screenshot of Whitelist Program

Once you whitelist a program, we will check if the sendTransaction request for that project includes only whitelisted programs. If not, the request will not be authorized.

This feature is an excellent way to protect your API keys, especially for UI apps where it is challenging to safeguard API keys.


Some other minor improvements we worked on this week include:

  • Improved auth and user management experience in dark mode

What's next?

Next week we are going to release a new Analytics and Logs experience that is more flexible and powerful. For example, you will have the ability to filter analytics by IP address, origin, J4 fingerprints, geo, etc. Additionally, Logs will have more information.

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