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    Before you start

    Familiarize yourself with the foundation before delving into the platform.

    Ironforge makes it easier than ever to build applications on the Solana blockchain. Still, before we introduce you to the Ironforge platform and its suite of tools, novice developers should familiarize themselves with Solana’s core concepts and terminology. Understanding these concepts provides developers context and insight into everything Ironforge offers. If you're new to Solana or the Web 3.0 ecosystem, the following resources are a great place to begin familiarizing yourself with the basics:

    • Solana Programming Model Overview - A quick video overview of how Solana's Programming Model works and fundamental concepts such as Accounts, Programs, and Transactions
    • Intro to Solana - A comprehensive beginner's course on Solana. It covers everything from the very basics to advanced topics.
    • Solana Cookbook - Dive deeper with this extensive guide, complete with hands-on tutorials and contributions from the community.
    • What is a Solana IDL? - Solana IDLs provide a standardized way for applications to communicate with Solana programs and are essential to using Ironforge.
    • Solana Program Examples - Examples of on-chain programs deployed on Solana

    For those interested in taking a deeper dive into Solana documentation, links to reference docs and developer support channels can be found here:

    How to read the documentation?

    The documentation is organized into sections, with each one focusing on a specific aspect.

    Get StartedIntroduction to Ironforge and Solana to help you get started
    Quick StartAn overview on how to use Ironforge features such as RPC Orchestration and utilizing indexed Accounts data
    PlatformGuide to navigate the different sections of the Ironforge platform
    Edge APIsAn overview of the various APIs and features that Ironforge
    CollaborationA section outlining the various collaboration features available to Ironforge users
    AboutIncludes resources and supporting material.