Learn about Solana Transactions

The transaction add-on and the documentation will be in public beta while we continue the work. While in private beta, data in both the analytics and the documentation may be inaccurate. Please use it with caution.

Solana transactions form the core of the Solana blockchain, enabling users to transfer tokens, execute smart contracts, and interact with the network in various ways. In this section, we'll explore how to monitor your transactions using Ironforge and provide best practices for optimizing your transactions to ensure optimal performance on the Solana network.

Being able to observe and monitor transactions allows you to optimize their inclusion, latency, and cost. Ironforge provides you with all the tools necessary to accomplish this.

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Ironforge provides a comprehensive interface for tracking and analyzing your Solana transactions.



To maximize the success rate of your transactions, it's important to optimize your priority fees, compute units, and delivery mechanism.