RPC Endpoints

Learn how to configure multiple RPC endpoints in the Ironforge Gateway.

When building application on top of the Ironforge Gateway, you can configure multiple RPC endpoints to serve different purposes. For example, you may want to have have a simple routing strategy for failover porposes, or you may want to have a more complex routing strategy based on the RPC request methods.

To create a new endpoint simply click in the + New Endpoint button in the top right corner of the RPC Endpoints page. After that it's a simple process of selecting the desired name, cluster and url.

Create RPC Endpoint Screenshot

After creating all the endpoints you can setup routing strategies where you can use one or many endpoints to serve requests.


When using Light Nodes (e.g. Atlas) or Jito Bundles, you want to skip preflight checks. Ironforge, by default, simply forwards your request to the RPC endpoints you provide. However, you can now configure your RPC endpoints to force some metadata to be included in the request to the specific endpoint at all times.

You can either setup this metadata when adding a new RPC Method or edit an existing one.

Screenshot of RPC Metadata

Good practices

It is good practice to have at least two endpoints from different providers for your production application. This way, you can have a failover strategy in case one of the providers experiences issues or you get rate-limited due to a sudden increase in traffic.